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Wearable Tech Overview: The Martian Passport Bluetooth Smartwatch (with speakerphone take a look at)

It is a query of ergonomics. How will we work together with items of knowledge in a extra natural manner. Smartwatches look to help in that interplay by taking among the burden off of our telephones. Whereas full face shows are presently all the trend, Martian has taken a extra conventional time piece method to serving up notifications to our wrist. Let’s have a look!

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25 Responses

  1. this was a genius idea he did the review of the watch the recorded the speaker preview undo his phone and played it through the speaker on the watch in front of the camera that was genius and actually let me feel like I was there listening to the watch without watching a video no other reviews that I have seen on smart watches have done that

  2. Does it have basic things like a stopwatch or timer? How about an alarm? Do you still believe, after time has passed, that its still worth $299?

    If all these Smart Watches are so great then why don't employees at these companies use or wear their own smart watches. 
    Why because they don't believe in their own smart watch and don't want to carry another mobile device.
    Check out this video of the true next generation smart watch at I'm the inventor and soon to be Billionaire 

  4. Just bought one on eBay for a pretty good discount.   Can't wait to try it.   No way would I have paid $299.00 for this, but at this price, I will give it a try.  In my mind, it is going to have to be Shower Proof and $150 or so to make be a success  🙂

  5. Woah dude, you talk quite a lot, just review the watch "showing" the watch.. 3 minutes of the review is just you talking not even focusing the damn watch.

  6. The gesture issue of checking your watch for data = "impatience" is a good catch.  CE companies should take this into consideration if they have not done so,  Smart watch arena is still an issue with pricing or design but sure has a lot of potential.  Great review – keep it up !  

  7. I am sort of an amateur watch collector and I actually like the look of this watch. The only thing that really is a turn off for me is it's thickness. The thing is over 1/2 an inch thick!

  8. With the HTC One, do the Google now voice commands work even when the screen is off? Does the screen turn off after the command?

  9. Finally! A smart watch I'd "almost" wear. It's stylish and I love the led feature. LEDs can give so much information depending on how customizable it is.
    It's a watch you can wear and look mature and sophisticated. We almost have a winner. The negatives to me are price and the vertical length of it.
    On a side note I prefer circular watch faces.
    Sooooo close though.

    But why do we need to be even more connected to our phones?

  10. I love the Martian Victory black face with black casing and black band. It has a cool gentleman look yet comes with cool technology. 

  11. Now this is a smartwatch for me. See I like my iPhone 5s but galaxy gear does not work with it so something like this is perfect for me. My only problem is getting my local AT&T store to carry it

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