There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!

There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!

There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!
If a salt water-powered automobile was launched to the general public, would you drive it? Julian joins DNews is right here to speak in regards to the first ever automobile powered by water!

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Salt water-powered electrical automobile accredited for roads in Europe

Salt water-powered electric car approved for roads in Europe

“An organization that claims to have developed the primary electrical automobile powered by salt water says the automobile has now been accredited for testing on public roads in Germany and the EU.”

The sports activities automobile that runs on SALTWATER: Automobile goes from Zero to 60mph in 2.Eight seconds – and has simply been accredited for EU roads
“Sports activities vehicles could not have the perfect repute for being environmentally-friendly, however this glossy machine has been designed to succeed in 217.5 mph (350 km/h) – utilizing nothing however saltwater.”

C02 emissions from autos
“Carbon dioxide is the first greenhouse fuel emitted by way of human actions.”

Nissan Leaf
“The Nissan Leaf is a compact five-door hatchback electrical automobile manufactured by Nissan and launched in Japan and the US in December 2010.”

How Lengthy Does Charging Take?

Dealing with As much as Finish of ‘Straightforward Oil’
“The Arabian Peninsula has fueled the worldwide economic system with oil for 5 many years.”

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25 Responses

  1. oil is not running out at all, there is oil constantly being made by mother nature, about the same amount being pumped out every day is also being made naturally, the running out of oil B.S. is a marking tool to make it sound worth more money, just like diamonds they are not rare at all some family owns the market on diamonds, they set the price

  2. More life forms take In Co2 then O2. Co2 is essential for all plant life and plankton and other sea life. 
    I'm so tired of hearing about sustainable development and the lie that CO2 is going to destroy the planet. CO2 is not a poison.

    Otherwise. Yes. Sea water is a great fuel source.

    CO2 is NOT the most common green house gas!!!!
    H2O is!, and im not even kidding.
    however CO2 can still offset the balance even if it is significantly less potent and less concentrated in the atmosphere.

  4. wait a minute… it pumps the water through a membrane and this produces power… but what powers the pump? if the power produced powers the pump… then why dont we make huge salt water electric generator stations to solve the energy crisis… probably because this isnt science… its stupid. people gotta stop falling for this stuff. and Dnews seems to present everything as fact… but never did any research into it. i bet they covered that underwater breather thing, and the solar roadways also. you would think a science channel would do some science and not bother with bunk articles.

  5. "Electricity has to come from somewhere and in the US that somewhere is likely a coal power plant"
    No. In the U.S. that "somewhere" is likely a mix of hydro, nuclear, coal, natural gas, solar, etc.

    "Electricity production is the only source of CO2 bigger than transportation."
    irrelevant. Assuming this statement is true, it includes the production of electricity to power buildings, factories, your house etc. Those things are not cars. This is a discussion of cars. As such, you must isolate the CO2 produced by the grid to power cars alone. Only then can you make a comparison. Get it?

    Also, Hydrogen is not a fuel found in nature. It's a storage medium. Care to investigate the process and efficiency of producing Hydrogen for cars? Only once you've done that can you compare it to other energy storage/production methods.

    At the end of the day, it all boils down to <system> efficiency and other environmental impacts. Here, "system" goes from the acquisition of energy resources to all stages of transportation, processing, and combustion/use which includes the vehicle itself. Do that analysis well and you'll have a strong basis for discussion. Here, you don't.

    If you're going to be a science show, at least try to get your science and math correct before you make statements. Otherwise, you'll only spread misinformation and misunderstanding.

  6. Electric cars are a "Bad" idea, because the stuff in the batteries is Lithium and the Lithium will do even more damage to the environment, and what do people do when batteries go dead…….

    Pollution in the oceans, which will kill the world even more, you would've been better off with Fossil Fuels and when Yellowstone explodes, then the climate will cool down again and get rid of the "Rouge" CO2 in the air……..

  7. your car is a scam and 1/3 of the emissions is due to all transportations not just cars

  8. This is basically an electric car with a battery that cannot be recharged but needs to be replaced when it empties…

  9. I'm driving a hybrid car now. It's a good alternative to pure gasoline car and pure electrical car. I don't know the efficiency of converting kinetic energy to electrical energy, but I just hope we could improve this even further.
    Whenever we brake the car, we are wasting the whole kinetic energy and that's really a shame!

  10. this dumb nigga company
    fucking wanna save the world don't fucking do expensive sexy ass sports cars.
    they're expensive as shit

  11. What about the metallic salts? Wouldn't they be considered an emission? Even if they aren't what would you do with them after they have recombined?

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