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  1. I presume if its easy to snap on then it can also easily get off during running when if you accidentally rubbed it on your thigh or something like that?

  2. does it operate independent of the Galaxy?  I have an iphone

    Does the heart rate monitor remain on, during the entire workout and reflect constant changing heart rates?

  3. i dont take my phone with me when i go to the gym, i leave it in the car.
    will the gear fit connect with my phone if my phone is + – 20 meters away from me when im doing my workouts ?

  4. What is the working distance/range required between phone and gear fit? I.e. Can I leave my phone in the locker room while training and continue to use the gear fit?

  5. HI! How far can I be from my Note 3 so it still works together? I don't want to keep it in my pocket while working, but need to see who's calling me 🙂 Thank You.

  6. I am a user of Samsung Fit Gear in Brazil. 

    Practical exercises in the gym "indoor" but the clock does not have this option exercises. 


    1) add the type of physical activity "indoor" in the next update. 

    2) Have the option to show the heart rate percentage "%" – Based on maximum heart rate entered by the user. 

    3) Exercise summary with: Average and maximum heart rate. 

    4) Configuring Zones Trainings Manually

  7. So does the watch have to bee within bluetooth range of the main device to function?  I was hoping to leave the phone in the locker in the gym and still use the watch

  8. I wonder how secure the clasp is? It looks a lot like the Fitbit and there were complaints that came undone easily.

  9. is this a good buy if i don´t have samsung technology??? it does look like a awesome watch but it makes a difference if i without another samsung?? :

  10. Nice that you have one of the first reviews out but there's too much background noise since you are doing it from the trade show.

  11. I don't like the way this watch looks on the wrist, I don't think it would feel comfortable for me to wear it on the back of my wrist.
    I think that is a design flaw.

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