New BMW 7-Series technology autonomous parking aid with car key 7er

New BMW 7-Series technology autonomous parking aid with car key 7er

New BMW 7-Series technology autonomous parking aid with car key 7er
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  1. If only we had a variety of cars that could move around with remote functionality. I'm talking about the kind that Batman uses in Arkham Knight. Ohh that'd be the day! ??

  2. This is a good feature when parking in your own garage but not a good feature when parking in tight public parking areas(Guaranteed scratches and dings).

  3. Although i can't deny or neglect the scientific advancements towards autonomous driving, but has it become too difficult for humans to pull out their own cars?

  4. The demo took place in a BIG parking log where you can back out first completely before turning the wheel, quite useless IMO

  5. haha so now thiefs will be able to steаl the car without even breaking into it. Isn't that a great piece of technology?!

  6. this will only work effectively without high risk of damage from doors of other vehicles if all new BMW 7-series owners park next to each other.

  7. All good till the person who's parked next to you needs to get out, and they ding your car trying to get in their car.

  8. BMW diesels continue to sound like a tractor. Audi ones have much better sound insulation and smoother operation

  9. I wonder how the sides of this car would look like after some time when other drivers bumped it when trying to get into their own car…

  10. Oh shit! It sounds like a tractor! Anyway I still want it so much. By the way maybe it's time to think how to improve diesel sound outside the car on idle. BMW you could do some speakers outside the car the emits sound wave that oposite to the engine sound wave and neutralize it, or something like that. Just think about it.

  11. Or you buy a 3 series and got enough space to get in and out of the car comfortably ;)

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