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New AA App, T-Cellular vs YouTube, Last Fantasy IX is coming to cellular!

New AA App, T-Cellular vs YouTube, Last Fantasy IX is coming to cellular!

New AA App, T-Cellular vs YouTube, Last Fantasy IX is coming to cellular!
Written model – Welcome again to Android Apps Weekly, episode 122! This week we’re speaking about some new apps and new video games, …

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  1. I have just encountered my first problem on the new AA app it won't let me comment on post when I try to comment I am prompted with an error on my Note 5

  2. I got the new Android Authority app on my Note 5 and Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and I really like the UI and the layout of the app, it's a very big improvement from the last app and I also like that there is categories for each device and I also like that there is sperate sub categories for each on going event and I haven't really noticed any bugs yet

  3. is like to much advertasing on the video about other videos just stick to information, we know you have more videos.

  4. How do people with annoying voices get jobs making tech videos? It's like that's the main qualification, a super fucking annoying voice.

  5. Feedback for the new AA app: There are some options missing in the new app that are from the old app. I can't hide, mark read, or delete articles. I can't see or favourite articles in default list style. I would like a sync interval of 2, 4, or 8 hours just like the previous app had. The new one only has 1 hour and 12 hours. Also I think the sync interval is broken anyway because I keep getting new article notification instantly instead of the selected hour which drains battery life. I can't change ringtone or add vibrate for notifications.

  6. AA app looks nice, but i don´t understand when always dark theme is grey? Should´n it be black because of power saving?

  7. Huge props to you joseph, a youtuber that actually replies, love what you do and always enjoy watching these app reviews every week. And happy new year bud.

  8. Well, the new app looks stunning, and the hamburger menu is something that makes me remember how great the YouTube app was before they decided to remove it.

  9. I always wondered why videos only played at 480p, but now I can now watch at 720p60Fps (my phone has a 720p display), so I guess they fixed it

  10. I want to download the new aa app but all that's showing up when I search is android authority(old)

  11. Must say that I kinda hate new app,My bookmarks are not synchronized from the old app,I can't setup to view only articles that I didn't read or from last 24 hours like it is in old app.I like the new design,but I'm sticking with old app because the new update to the old app is not showing me the title of article when I open one,It's due to the top is hiding when are you scrolling down.I would like to switch to the new app right away when u add those features from old app ;)

  12. New AA App, T-Mobile vs YouTube (GONE WRONG)(HUGE FIGHT), Final Fantasy IX is coming to mobile!(UNBELIEVABLE) – Android Apps Weekly *(GONE BAD)

    -much better title XD

  13. : ( my phone is not strong enough to play 75% of games which have been featured in AAW , but hey ,let's be positive! , maybe Ill win the Sunday giveaway! … who am I kidding… my chances are like 1 in overrr 9000!!!!!!

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