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  1. 5:33 $600 dollar phone and no charger in the box WTF? Then they have the nerve to kill the headphone jack… RIP AUX CORDS
    HTC is crashing like Blackberry did when the iPhone came out

  2. Tfw my 3g network at max performance has 25mb/s, at normal 10-15mb/s. This LTE Plus is bullshit af.

  3. Stop Hating Htc. U Dont Like It.Its Okay.
    Don't Spread Negativity. Support this brand.. And We Already Knw What Htc Can Deliver If We Support Them.

  4. Bailey you've gotten much better, I no longer wish to punch you in the throat.
    Keep up the work man.

  5. HTC is an out-of-control plane spiraling toward the earth with an idiot pilot who is scrambling to try anything, but unfortunately the ground is approaching quick.

    Snap out of it HTC, just pull the damn lever and eject already!

  6. Man, HTC really took the 'Thunder' out of the Bolt. ?

    And wow, to what do we owe for the honor of being graced by Bailey's presence?! #dreamy?

  7. didn't like the review, it kept comparing everything with s7 while it's a review not a comparison ?

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