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Dolby Cinema at AMC is the BEST DAMN movie show at present

Dolby Cinema at AMC is the BEST DAMN movie show at present
You’ll find the closest Dolby Cinema at AMC by testing this hyperlink: Dolby Cinema at AMC is probably the most technologically advanced movie show

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  1. Love the concept and the execution shown here looks great. These Dolby Cinemas have a seemingly widespread issue though – red wash from the stair LEDS on the screen ruining the presentation. I've read complaints from 2015 about this, and when I just checked out a NEW buildout of a Dolby Cinema (Oakbrook 12) it had the exact issue – 30+ percent of the screen washed out red by the stair lights. Holy cow. Presenting movies is literally the only thing you're supposed to be good at, and you're charging a Premium here. Get it together AMC.

  2. Just saw a movie in the new Dolby Cinema theater at my local AMC…I must say it was a very good presentation. Better than IMAX IMO

  3. I saw Fantastic Beasts at a Dolby Cinema it was AMAZING 😀 I would rather see Dolby Cinema than 3D honestly.

  4. Wondering how these projectors compare to the dual 4k Imax projectors you can buy for the home theater?

  5. How does IMAX compare? IMAX is a like a light and day difference to me compared to a standard theater.

  6. Apologies for the reupload. There was a word misspelled so we had fix it. You guys are on top of it!

  7. Dual 4K laser projectors are similar to a OLED panel. Boosted color contrast and deep inking blacks. I like it!

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