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6 Cool Innovations & 6 Cool Wearable Tech You Want To See

Wearable know-how or wearables consists of trendy know-how, wearable gadgets, or vogue wearable electronics .Wearable tech additionally consists of thrilling new applied sciences, like health trackers, wearable cameras, sensible watches.On this video you’ll uncover 6 cool wearable tech .
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three.Nod ring :
four.Phantom masks:
5.Aio sensible sleeve:
6.Bruise damage detection go well with :

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  2. these things are very cool but still seem dangerous…because I don't want to learn how to breathe from a machine as a form of being the natural way, or feeling virtually as an alternative, which can have the ability to become an actual sense therefore forcing me to except that, that's the natural way of things …..answer me this wat if all the lights went out…what Senses do you rely on then.. tell me…or do I have to wait for your computer or smart sleeve or smart wrist to tell you when that's ok to respond. …….one love…..yall zion bound..wake up people don't become slaves when the things you created to help start taking over your lives….like coffee. when water and sun light are out natural ways if gaining energy…..or replenishing your none computer no wire having bodies that's program is not synced to a fucken device…..biotch…..

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